Who are we?

TRECO is a company that makes ideas come to life.

We create customized solutions in metalworking together with our clients.

We stay ahead together with our partners by manufacturing products with high processing and handling complex assembly.

For that reason, TRECO is the obvious choice as your manufacturing partner.

    Our story

    TRECO was founded in 1992 by Allan Prang, Per Therkildsen, and Preben Pedersen. The three founders met each other when they worked together at another firm. 

    While working together, the three men saw opportunities in metalworking that could help others. 

    They had such a strong belief in their own vision that they quit their jobs and founded TRECO.

    For more than 25 years, TRECO has made ideas come to life with solutions in metalworking. We have evolved a lot through our journey and now employ over 70 people. 

    Learn more about our history here (PDF).




    We see our clients and suppliers as partners.  Our slogan is “ahead together” because we wish to grow and become better with our partners.



    We are approachable, open, and sincere. TRECO is WYSIWYG = What You See Is What You Get.



    We see opportunities where others see limitations. This ensures that we evolve and stay ahead.


    • Create unique solutions through knowledge sharing, flexibility and partnership


    • Attract complete human beings and create the best workplace
    • Be a dynamic company that is the epitome of high productivity, quality, flexibility, management, and order
    • Handle complex tasks for the global market
    • Be a visible company that always evolves and takes advantage of global trade
    • Get results that ensure our independence, development, and growth


    Although others have endorsed TRECO, we have chosen to prove our quality with an ISO 9001 certification.

    ISO 9001 gives us a great management tool. It helps us evolve and improve our procedures as well as streamline our many routines and processes.

    As a result, your products are manufactured with a consistent level of quality no matter the size of your task. Read more about ISO 9001 here

    You Get Quality That Is

    • Documented (ISO 9001)
    • Consistent
    • Performed with efficient procedures

    Let's make your idea come to life

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