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Elmegaardsvej 3
DK-9620 Aalestrup

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Preben Pedersen - Adm. direktør hos TRECO

Preben Pedersen


Per Therkildsen - Produktionsdirektør hos TRECO

Per Therkildsen

Head of Manufacturing

Allan Prang, Co-founder of TRECO

Allan Prang



Per Zacho - Solution Sales Manager hos TRECO

Per Zacho

Solution Sales Manager

Jan Tan Cao - Marketingansvarlig hos TRECO

Jan Tan Cao

Marketing Manager


Lars Bisgaard - Project Manager hos TRECO

Lars Bisgaard

Project Manager

Morten Lundsgaard - Design Engineer hos TRECO

Morten Lundsgaard

Design Engineer

Finn Pedersen - Design Engineer hos TRECO

Finn Pedersen

Design Engineer

Armin Suskic, Design Engineer hos TRECO

Armin Suskic

Design Engineer

Lars Viborg - Technical Assistant hos TRECO

Lars Viborg

Technical Assistant


Niels Arne Knudsen - Logistik og Fragt hos TRECO

Niels Arne Knudsen

Freight / Logistics

Paw Lundgren - Ordrebehandler og IT-ansvarlig hos TRECO

Paw Lundgren

Order Processor / IT Manager

Vinni Aden, Purchaser at TRECO

Vinni Aden


Carsten Pedersen - Quality Manager / Project Leader / Electrical Construction hos TRECO

Carsten Pedersen

Quality Manager /
Project Leader /
Electrical Construction


Lars Vadsholt Joergensen - CFO hos TRECO

Lars Vadsholt Jørgensen


Carina Meldgaard - Økonomiassistent hos TRECO

Carina Meldgaard

Finance Assistant

Gitte Michelsen - Økonomiassistent hos TRECO

Gitte Michelsen

Finance Assistant


Nicolaj Boejlund Andersen, Business Unit Director hos TRECO

Nicolaj Bøjlund Andersen

Business Unit Director

Dirk Huusfelt - Production Manager hos TRECO

Dirk Huusfelt

Production Manager

Heidi Boegh Jensen - Procurement / Logistics Coordinator hos TRECO

Heidi Bøgh Jensen

Procurement / Logistics Coordinator