Lyngsoe Library Systems enters close partnership with TRECO

The two companies strengthen their competitiveness together as business partners

In the past week, TRECO entered a close partnership with Lyngsoe Library Systems with the purpose of strengthening Lyngsoe’s continued growth in Europe and North America. Lyngsoe Library Systems offer automatized solutions for libraries and will let TRECO use its core competences to manufacture these solutions.

So far, TRECO has acted as a manufacturing partner of steel parts and subassembly for Lyngsoe’s self-service machines for libraries. The new and closer partnership means TRECO will manage the entire manufacturing process which includes purchasing, assembly, and testing before shipping the products to the end-user.

”It is a task which is definitely within our core competences,” says Per Therkildsen, Director of Manufacturing and co-owner of TRECO. “To have the entire manufacturing process in-house fits very well with our strategy of system solutions. The ideology behind our system solutions is to gather all manufacturing processes under one roof so the client does not need to contact numerous sub-suppliers. With a closer partnership, we can create a manufacturing line which is significantly more flexible.”

As part of the new partnership, three employees from Lyngsoe Library Systems will move to TRECO to ensure manufacturing keeps its high standard without interruptions due to the restructuring.

Systems have been created to control and coordinate order and production planning between the two companies and the short physical distance between Lyngsoe Library Systems and TRECO makes the partnership ideal for both parties.

“For Lyngsoe Library Systems, the expanded partnership means we can increase our focus on the market and the needs of our clients. It also means we can turn our attention to developing new products and services for the library sector. With a strong business partner to handle the manufacturing, we are better equipped to handle the growth phase our library solutions are entering,“  says Per Ravn, CEO of Lyngsoe Library Systems.

For more information, contact:

Preben Pedersen, CEO
Elmegaardsvej 3, 9620 Aalestrup
Tlf.: 98 64 22 44

Lyngsoe Library Systems A/S
Per Ravn, CEO
Lyngsø Allé 3, 9600 Aars
Tlf. 96 98 09 80