A memorable 2017

TRECO continues to grow.

In 2017, TRECO truly felt the effects of the growth strategy from 2013.

We saw significant improvement and for that reason, we rented another manufacturing hall to meet the high demand. 

The manufacturing hall is for separate manufacturing and is designed in a way that makes it ideal for dedicated manufacturing.

The massive growth and new manufacturing hall also resulted in many new colleagues.

Our number of employees increased by over 20%, and we are still looking for more.

Our growth received national media coverage in Børsen, Jyllands-Posten and TV2 Nord to name a few media outlets.

We increased our focus on marketing and the result was more exposure as well as a new website.

“Denmark needs more companies like TRECO”

Those were the words of the Danish Minister of Trade, Brian Mikkelsen, when he visited TRECO.

Together with the mayor of Vesthimmerland Municipality, Knud Kristensen, he received a guided tour around the manufacturing hall at our headquarters.

2017 was memorable for TRECO because of our 25th anniversary.

It has been a long journey and fortunately, our prospects for growth are still pointing upwards.

A big thank you to our employees, business partners and business associates who have all contributed to our growth.

We cannot wait to achieve new goals in 2018.