Royal visit at TRECO

Interest from the Danish Royal Family turns into a visit from Prince Henrik.

On Friday 5 September 2014, TRECO rolled out the red carpet as Prince Henrik of Denmark paid a visit.

The Danish Royal Family announced its arrival to TRECO as a part of their annual summer cruise. At the main entrance, CEO Preben Pedersen and Director of Manufacturing Per Therkildsen greeted the Danish Prince upon his arrival. After a short introduction, we invited Prince Henrik inside for a guided tour around our 7,000 square meter manufacturing facilities. 

What impressed Prince Henrik

“The Danish Prince showed great interest in our manufacturing processes. He wanted to know more about the details in the manufacturing process so he asked the employees how they manufacture items. Prince Henrik and his entourage were very surprised that a relatively small Danish company could receive big orders from abroad. They were especially curious as to how TRECO manages to operate on the global market,” CEO Preben Pedersen tells. 

However, after the guided tour around the 7,000 square meter  manufacturing facilities, the prince consort understood why TRECO is competititve on the global market. 

“Given his past in Vietnam, we also had a lengthy conversation about our subsidiary in Ho Chi Minh City which currently has 50 employees,” CEO Preben Pedersen says.

Prince Henrik’s visit is an honor

Since the announcement of Prince Henrik’s visit, the employees at TRECO have been waiting for his arrival with great anticipation. It requires a lot of time and resources to prepare a royal visit but according to Preben Pedersen the effort has been worthwhile.

“It has been a great honor for us to invite his royal highness Prince Henrik inside our company. I know everyone at TRECO is happy and proud of the interest from the Danish Royal Family. We hope he enjoyed his visit here as much as we did,” Preben Pedersen says.

We believe the interest from the Danish Royal Family is an indication of TRECO moving in the right direction.