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TRECO reaches 100 employees

We have reached another milestone.

TRECO continues its growth and now has 100 employees. 

Our entire staff has risen by 25 percent in the first six months of 2018. In the entire calendar year 2017, the number increased by over 20 percent

The local community gains a lot from the many hirings. Something that makes TRECO extremely happy.

“Obviously, we are very proud to go from three men in overalls to 100 employees. That is huge,” says CEO Preben Pedersen.

“It is funny to look back and think that we started as a small company and today are a global manufacturing partner for large international corporations. This is something we could only dream about when we started TRECO,” our CEO says.

The reasons for our growth

Increasing demand around the world and an ambitious growth strategy are the reasons TRECO continues to grow.

Our CEO expects this to continue as TRECO Postal has several big projects in the pipeline. 

In 2017, we rented a 4,000 square meter manufacturing hall so we were prepared to handle the great demand for our services. 

The manufacturing hall now occupies a third of our employees and we use it for dedicated manufacturing. 

Controlled growth

If our current growth rate continues, we have to expand once again. This is the only way we can adjust to the great demand to stay efficient.

We are already looking at where to expand in case it becomes necessary. 

Preben Pedersen emphasizes that TRECO must be in control of the growth and not let the growth control TRECO.

“It is important for us that we can control how fast we grow. That is much more important than the growth itself,” he says and continues:

“Even though we are busier than ever, we cannot let that affect our current clients. Our quality and manufacturing still have to live up to the high standard we are known for no matter if it is a new client or an existing client.”