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A historic 2017

TRECO Postal continues to grow.

2017 was the year TRECO Postal experienced great growth based on the growth strategy that was implemented in 2013.

We experienced increased interest in our postal products.

As a result, we opened a 4,000 square meter manufacturing hall. This helped us to meet our clients’ demands and still maintain our high delivery performance.

While the setup in the manufacturing hall at our headquarters is flexible, our new manufacturing hall is designed for dedicated manufacturing.

With our great growth and new manufacturing hall, we also gained many new coworkers.

In 2017, the number of employees increased by over 20 %. We also expect many hirings in 2018. 

TRECO Postal also increased focus on marketing and it resulted in global media coverage. In addition to the extra exposure, we also launched a new website.

“We need more companies like TRECO Postal”

That is what the Danish Minister of Trade, Brian Mikkelsen, said while visiting TRECO Postal.

Along with the mayor of Vesthimmerland Municipality, Knud Kristensen, Mr. Mikkelsen got a guided tour of our headquarters.

However, the highlight of 2017 was without question the celebration of our 25th anniversary.

It has been a long and exciting journey and we feel very fortunate for the position we are in as well as our future prospects.

We at TRECO Postal want to thank all employees, business partners, and business associates who have contributed to our growth.

We look forward to achieving new goals and staying ahead together in 2018.