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TRECO Postal gets new senior management

New senior management to boost growth.

The three founders of TRECO Postal, Preben Pedersen, Per Therkildsen, and Allan Prang want to work more closely with the clients.

That is why Lars Vadsholt Jørgensen and Nicolaj B. Andersen are now stepping in as CEO and COO.

The three founders will instead turn their focus solely on sales.

The change in senior management is a part of TRECO Postal’s strategy to reach a revenue target of 500 million DKK within the next five years.

New ambitions

Since starting TRECO Postal in 1992, Preben Pedersen, Per Therkildsen, and Allan Prang have created an international success within mail sorting solutions.

Today, TRECO Postal employs 110 people in two different factories in Aalestrup, Denmark.

Our new senior executives have been a part of our management team for numerous years and have a deep understanding of how the company operates.

TRECO Postal will thus continue in the same spirit that has so far brought tremendous success.

The combination of the old and new senior management will help us fulfill new ambitions by ensuring we make better use of our market position.

“If we use Preben, Per, and Allan’s longstanding network and experience wisely, especially in the sales department, we feel it is realistic to reach a revenue of half a billion DKK within the next five years,” says Lars Vadsholt Jørgensen, who steps in as CEO after several years as CFO.

“We have some very interesting clients, and we want to expand our partnership with them by being more innovative and efficient. With the change in senior management, we free up some incredibly experienced people who can have an even more direct and close dialogue with the clients.

We feel this is the key to continue the steep growth curve we are experiencing right now,” the new CEO says.

Unfulfilled sales potential

Joining him as a part of the new senior management is Nicolaj B. Andersen who has been a staple at TRECO Postal for over a decade.

“We believe we have a significantly unfulfilled sales potential where there is enormous revenue to be made. Furthermore, we think our existing markets can get bigger, and we are looking at several other export markets as well,” says Nicolaj B. Andersen, new COO at TRECO Postal.

“Of course, we are heading into this assignment with a certain awe, but we have the old senior management very close to us. At the same time, we fully believe that we can reach our revenue target even though it is very ambitious,” says the new COO. 

Closer to the clients

The change in senior management is by no means the end of a busy working life for the three founders.

On the contrary, the former senior management expects to be at least as busy as before because a large part of their new assignments will take place close to the clients all around the world.

 “People might ask why we do not just continue with business as usual since we are doing so well,” says Preben Pedersen who is stepping down as CEO and instead becomes Solution Sales Manager at TRECO Postal.

 “We believe we can increase our market share by changing the senior management team because we know it means we will be even closer to the clients. We also have several development projects lined up that we have high expectations for,” the new Solution Sales Manager says.

Along with the change in senior management, TRECO Postal is also looking for a new board member whose strengths are international sales and business development.

The process should bolster our board of directors and contribute to our continued expansion and internationalization.

For more information, please contact

Lars Vadsholt Jørgensen, CEO, TRECO Postal, +45 20 74 69 39,

Nicolaj B. Andersen, COO, TRECO Postal, +45 23 99 05 42,

Preben Pedersen, Partner & Solution Sales Manager, TRECO Postal, +45 23 99 05 45,

Jan Tan Cao, Marketing Manager, TRECO Postal, +45 30 69 62 68,