Postal products

TRECO Postal offers customized postal products.

The postal industry constantly changes so we adapt our solutions to the exact needs of the individual client.

Their different preferences and requirements help us expand our professional horizon because we have to find ways to give our clients what they want. As a result, we stay ahead together with our clients.

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TRECO Postal Sorting Frame - Hybrid 8 with adjustable compartments

Sorting frames

Increase the efficiency of your mail sorting with our sorting frames. We offer both vertical and horizontal sorting frames that… Read more.

TRECO Postal Display Solution - Electronic Route Change with three route solution

Display solutions

Achieve high efficiency and flexibility with our display solution. TRECO Postal offers digital and manual display solutions that… Read more.

TRECO Postal products - Self-Post-Locker-with-web-based-backend-system

Other postal products

Take a look at some of our other postal products that help increase your efficiency… Read more.

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