Other products

Below you will find some of our other postal products. Like all of our products, they can be customized to your exact needs.

Please contact us if you want to know more about our products.

Self Post Locker

Our Self Post Locker is an electronic Self Service Post Office that solves the first and last mile logistics problem.

Designed for indoor use, this system fits easily in locations with long opening hours due to its modular design.

Reduce your need for administration with the Self Post Locker, which runs on a web-based backend administration system. As a result, the system ensures no overbooking and also manages the boxes, registered users and capacity planning.

The Self Post Locker is ideal for rural areas because it maintains a high service level without a service counter. This is possible due to its built-in letter boxes, parcel boxes and many other options.


  • Electronically controlled locks
  • Web-based backend administration system
  • Multipurpose system


  • No risk of losing keys
  • Less administration
  • High service level without service counter

OCR reader

Our high performance OCR reader offers high reading rates. As a result, it reduces manual work to a minimum. This solution reads address information on letters, flats, and small bundles.

The OCR reader has low error rates because it recognizes address information even on dirty and damaged labels. It also reads cursive handwriting and advanced machine fonts. In addition, this solution recognizes all language specific characters.

The OCR reader also lowers mail processing costs and is easy to integrate.


  • Reads address information on dirty and damaged labels
  • Character recognition of any language
  • Low capital investment


  • Minimal manual work
  • High reading rates
  • Low error rates
  • Increased efficiency of equipment
  • Easy integration

Community Mailbox

Since physical mail is declining, it is necessary to find a solution so you adapt to this change. TRECO Postal offers a future-proof Community Mailbox, which is a cluster box unit with an architectonic design.

This centralized delivery mailbox has secure locks and our solution is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The Community Mailbox is suitable for outdoor use because it is powder coated and has a weatherproof design.

Like all of our products, our Community Mailbox is customizable. The box can be mounted on a wall but also on a pedestal and is available in all colors. Larger doors and lockers are also possible.


  • Weatherproof design
  • Cluster box unit
  • Secure locks


  • Centralized delivery mailboxes
  • Option for outgoing mail
  • Architectonic design