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TRECO Postal becomes ISO 9001 certified

TRECO Postal can now document consistent level of quality.

On Wednesday 24 April 2013, TRECO Postal received an ISO 9001 certificate.

We achieved the certification at the end of March 2013 after a year of hard work.

With our newly obtained certification, we are now able to document our consistent level of quality.

Why we wanted an ISO 9001 certification

With increasing requirements for quality and delivery performance, TRECO Postal decided to get an ISO 9001 certification.

It was especially important for us to get this seal of approval so we can document our consistent level of quality to both our business partners and potential clients.

We spend plenty of resources to make our company as efficient and flexible as possible.

Our new certification brings us a lot closer to achieving our vision.

“In this industry, a good reputation used to be enough to get new clients,” says CEO Preben Pedersen.

“Those days are long gone. Now you also need to document considerations on critical areas,” our CEO explains.

Our processes already complied with ISO 9001

Charlotte Skovmand from the consultancy company Excellentor gave us advice throughout the entire process.

She also informed us about the many pitfalls and complicated requirements which are a part of an effective ISO 9001 certification.

The final key verification was performed by certification company Bureau Veritas.

During the process, we noticed that most of our manufacturing processes already complied with ISO 9001.

While we already lived up to most of the requirements, we still wanted the certification so we could prove our consistent level of quality.

ISO 9001 ensures our future

We expect our new certification to have a major impact on our future.

Even though the demands for great product quality are increasing, the new certification makes TRECO Postal a serious business partner.

In addition, we also get an effective management tool that helps us streamline many of our processes and routines.