Who are we?

TRECO Postal is a global manufacturer of customized postal products which are ergonomic and help increase efficiency.

We stay ahead together with our partners by manufacturing products that are easy to use and have the latest technology. 

For that reason, TRECO Postal is the obvious choice as your postal partner.

Our story

What do you do when you see opportunities that your boss doesn’t?

That was the question Allan Prang, Per Therkildsen, and Preben Pedersen asked each other while working together at another firm.

The three colleagues knew metal plates were not just metal plates. To them, the metal plates represented endless opportunites to create something unique.

The three men felt they could use metal plates to help others make their ideas come to life. 

As a result, the three friends quit their jobs so they could start their own company. That company is TRECO Postal.

TRECO Postal is a part of TRECO. TRECO was founded in 1992 and we have been on a fun ride ever since.

We thank all our partners along the way for joining us on this amazing journey.

Our hope is that you continue to be our partners so we can stay ahead together.

You want quality?

We have an ISO 9001 certification because we want to have proof of our quality.

The ISO 9001 management tool is an effective way for us to develop and improve our procedures. It also streamlines our many routines and processes. 

As a result, we manufacture products with a consistent level of quality. Read more about ISO 9001 here.

You get quality that is

  • Documented (ISO 9001)
  • Consistent
  • Performed after effective procedures

    Our values



    We see our clients and suppliers as partners. Our slogan is “ahead together” because we want to grow and get better with our partners.



    We are approachable, open, and sincere. TRECO Postal is WYSIWYG = What You See Is What You Get.



    We see opportunities where others see limitations. This ensures we evolve and stay ahead.


    • Create unique solutions through knowledge sharing, flexibility and partnership


    • Attract complete human beings and create the best workplace
    • Be a dynamic company that is the epitome of high productivity, quality, flexibility, management, and order
    • Handle complex tasks for the global market
    • Be a visible company that always evolves and takes advantage of global trade
    • Get results that ensure our independence, development, and growth

    Reduce work strain and injuries with our sorting frames.

    Achieve high efficiency and flexibility with our sorting frames

    Take a look at our other postal products that can be customized to your exact needs.